Healthy Food At Work Can Boost Performances


The food we eat at work counts for a lot. Studies have shown that employees eat nearly half of their days foods in the workplace so what is consumed during work hours will have a big impact on overall diet and health.

For example, ‘Cake Culture’ has been making the headlines recently, with experts warning that bringing in cakes to share around with colleagues is fuelling the obesity epidemic and contributing to poor dental health. It may seem like a harmless treat but making it a regular occurrence is reinforcing bad habits. It’s important that employers take the lead and try to encourage good eating habits instead.

Affordable, Healthy Choices

Cheapness and convenience unfortunately often take precedence over healthy choices at the workplace. Employers can make it easier for their workforce by ensuring that healthy choices are readily available. For example employers could:

  • ditch the chocolate bars and fizzy drinks from vending machines and replace them with healthy juices, snacks bars, fruit etc.
  • Promote healthy eating with posters around the office
  • Make sure that drinks and snacks at corporate meetings are wholesome and healthy options.
  • Declare a ban on fast food and fizzy drinks in the office
  • Ensure that the canteen serves healthy options

Studies have proved that employees who eat healthier are more focused and productive –  so there are clear benefits to businesses that promote health and wellbeing.

Employee Awareness

Employee’s can also do a lot to help themselves. By taking a note of daily eating habits, especially those triggered by cravings or stressful situations, you can work out areas of your diet. Your results show that you are routinely buying a chocolate bar or fizzy drink when stressed. Or that you crave a snack sugary snack mid afternoon. By identifying when you eat unhealthily you can make the changes to your habits.

If healthy eating options aren’t available at or around work, think about bringing in your own healthy lunchbox. This can also save you money. Pack your lunch box with high protein, low fat snacks, fruits, and nuts to improve your workplace nutrition.

The results of healthy eating and planning will prove that “a healthy employee is a focused and productive employee.”