Cycle to Work Day 2016

Today is Cycle to Work Day, a national event that aims to encourage everyone to take to two wheels on September 14th, 2016.

A recent report released by British Cycling indicated that the health benefits of cycling could save the NHS £17 billion over the next 20 years. Cycling regularly can help you lose pounds, improve your mental wellbeing, and improve both your muscle strength and your cardiovascular fitness. It’s a low impact exercise, causing less strain on the joints than running or contact sports.

It’s also the perfect exercise for those with a busy work life. Replacing the car or public transport commute with cycling can get you fit and save you money on your way to and from the office.

As we reach the colder, wetter  bike-1245889_1920 months, the idea of cycling through dark nights in the British weather might seem a bit daunting after a long day’s work. The wind and rain can certainly be unpleasant conditions for the unprepared cyclist.

However, with the right bike, clothing and accessories, riding through the winter can be easy. And it’s not necessary to spend a small fortune either. With the ‘cycleschemes’ offered by various bike shops, as part of the government’s Green Transport Plan, employee’s can save at least 25% (and often much more) on kitting themselves out for the winter months.

And those signed up to a Health Rewards Insurance Policy can look forward to a 50% cashback offer at Evans Cycles of up to £500! 

bike-1594027_1920Local council’s across Britain have been investing in making it easier and safer for people to cycle inthe city. In Glasgow, for example, the council has invested significant amounts of money and time in the infrastructure of cycle networks in the Glasgow area in recent years, as well as launching a cycle hire scheme across the city. There are also charitable and community organisation’s across the city which can provide expert tuition and advice on bicycle maintenance, such as the Bike Station, based in the West End, and South West Community Cycles in the Southside.

So it’s becoming a lot easier and affordable to ditch the daily frustration of commuting by car or public transport and get on your bike!

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