Man V Fat Football Coming To Scotland!

The Man V Fat Football League is coming to Glasgow and Edinburgh!

This is a 14 week league for overweight men with BMIs over 30.

The big difference is that the league is won not just on pitch performance but also how well the team does at losing weight. The results from other Man V Fat Leagues down south have been fantastic – Over 95% of players have lost weight and over 60% have lost over 5%.

The Man V Fat community has helped over 300,000 men lose weight across the UK and the Football Leagues have been featured on CNN and BBC.

Cost will be only £6 per game and £15 to register. This includes the Man V Fat book and also weekly weigh ins and advice.

The Glasgow league is being set in motion by Health Rewards and Man V Fat Ambassador Stephen Morrison. Since transforming his life in 2011, Stephen has become a passionate ambassador for physical activity and tackling obesity issues in the UK, and a commentator for organisations such as Great Run, Fit in 14, Spogo and Man V Fat.

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Read more about Man V Fat Glasgow League Here

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