The Health Rewards ‘Biggest Loser’ Challenge!

At Health Rewards we love helping our customer’s get healthy and active. Since January, Health Rewards have been running a ‘Biggest Loser’ Challenge between two of our customers – Craig and Kenny- to see who can lose the most weight.

Encouragement and support

Each week, Craig and Kenny come into the office to have their weigh in’s. This is an opportunity to discuss how they have been getting on, what they’ve been eating, any struggles they’ve had etc.

We also have a support network on Facebook, where the guys can get advice and tips from our experts Stephen Morrison and Personal Trainer David Scobbie, as well as the encouragement of the Health Rewards Team.

Stephen Morrison is a Health Rewards ambassador who himself was once morbidly obese. By changing his diet habits, taking up loads of different types of exercise and becoming a ‘try-athlete’- trying out any challenges and activities thrown his way – he was able to lose over 12 stone. Stephen was top of our step count table in 2015 with an amazing 5 million steps. His change in lifestyle and weight, and the fact that writes numerous blogs and articles about obesity and lifestyle, makes him a perfect role model for our Biggest Loser challenge.

As Kenny’s Personal Trainer, David Scobbie has helped Kenny make the preparations and changes needed to try and meet his weight loss target. He has also helped provide ideas and tips to Craig on the Facebook group to keep him motivated.

Craig blog photoCraig: The Biggest Loser Challenge has motivated me to change my diet. I’ve stopped drinking fizzy juice and trying to cut out other sugary drinks. I’ve been replacing fast food and takeaway’s with healthy home-cooking where I can and starting the morning with healthy smoothies.

The next step for me is to get motivated to start a proper exercise regime. I’ve been trying to make efforts to get extra steps in, such as walking a little more than normal. Hopefully I will get into a good routine where I can push myself to a bit more exercise each day.



Kenny blog photoKenny:  “It’s been a quick first month. I started off my journey a week before the official weigh in with my personal trainer. Like Craig, I had a bit of a wobble after the first week, but feel like I have been getting better since. So far I’ve lost 20lbs in weight. That feel’s fantastic but I still have a long way to go. My target is to lose 50kg in total, or 110lbs, so I’m 20% of the way there.

I’ve made full use of all the tools made available through the Vitality Health Plan, the vivofit Garmin and the my fitness pal app.”


The guys have until April to meet their weight loss targets and win the prize of the Health Rewards Biggest Loser. It’s a big challenge but one we feel they can achieve with the right encouragement and motivation. Watch out for weekly updates on Facebook to find out who is in the lead!