Keeping Your New Year Resolutions

Most of us start this time of year picking new year resolutions. Get healthy, lose weight, take up yoga, reduce stress…

What ever your goal, getting there can sometimes be difficult. Here are some steps that could help you achieve your goals:

Small Steps for Big Rewards

Baby steps are really important when thinking about your New Years resolutions. Many people set themselves unachievable grand target, never achieve them, and then beat themselves up about it. Give yourself an achievable health or fitness target that can get you healthy little by little.

Stick with it

Once you’ve decided on an achievable new years resolution target, you need to stick with it!  You need to decide on a target that will improve your life and make you happier, whether it’s weight loss, exercising more, stopping smoking or eating healthier.

Positive Thinking for Positive Results

By learning and utilising positive thinking techniques you can train your mind to be more optimistic. Finding opportunity in a challenge rather than becoming paralysed by it is one of the key steps to making real change to your life.

Approaching challenges and tough situations in a more optimistic way allows us to be more productive. We cannot change all of the circumstances in our lives but by changing our attitudes and by approaching challenges in a more positive way we can make small changes with big rewards.

Track your Progress

‘If you can measure it, you can change it.’

By tracking your progress you can see how well you are doing, what you can do better and how far you have come. Measuring your progress will motivate you to do even better. And it will help you reflect on how far you’ve come and what you’ve achieved.

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Reward your Journey

Reward yourself in a positive way for the changes you’ve made. At Health Rewards we reward your healthy choices. Celebrate success by using your weekly cinema tickets. Treat yourself to your weekly Starbucks drink. Use your 50% discount to get better running shoes from Sweatshop. Or why not buy yourself a new bike at Evans Bikes and get up to £500 cashback.

Keep Trying

“Rome wasn’t built in a day… but they were laying bricks every day”

It may take time for you to see results. Your not going to achieve everything within a month. So if your feeling a little underwhelmed by the changes you’ve made come February, or feel like you have run out of steam, remember the importance of baby steps and staying positive. Keep trying and keep giving your all and you will eventually see the results.