Here at Health Rewards, we truly believe in the power of a healthy and active lifestyle.

In fact, we’re so excited about it, our vision is to help shape a world where prevention is in fact better than the cure.

Our mission is to encourage as many people as possible to take those first steps in becoming fitter and healthier. We know it can be daunting, but we’d love to have you on board. That’s why team Health Rewards is here to help every step of the way.

We encourage you to take full advantage of our expertise and are here to offer professional wellbeing advice and support. We believe that fitness and health should be accessible to everyone, and with our Vitality partners, we strive to make it easier and cheaper for anyone to get active. So you can get lighter without your wallet loosing weight too!

What’s more, we haven’t mentioned the best part.

As a huge well done for taking those positive steps towards a healthier and more active lifestyle, we offer some pretty incredible benefits. With rewards like weekly free cinema tickets, free Starbucks, iTunes vouchers, discounts on holidays and annual cash back, there’s bound to be something to keep you motivated.

As a member of Team Health Rewards, each day we will bring you the latest health news, fitness advice and opportunities to get active across the UK from our friendly and accessible team Health Rewards Professionals. Our community aims to empower and inspire members to take control of their health and wellbeing, and provide the encouragement you need to thrive at every stage of your fitness journey.