LifestyleCare Cover

As well as getting life cover that lasts as long as you live, with LifestyleCare Cover you can receive an amount of cover earlier as a lump sum if you need help looking after yourself.

As you choose the amount of cover up front, it isn’t directly related to the cost of your care, but it will provide financial assistance to help you get support to look after yourself. But whatever happens, your cover is guaranteed to pay out in full either during your lifetime or on your death.

LifestyleCare Cover is made up of three parts:

  • Life cover that lasts as long as you live
  • The ability to use some or all of that life cover early if you can’t look after yourself. 
  • Discounts and rewards to encourage you to lead a healthier life

But whatever happens, your cover is guaranteed to pay out in full either during your lifetime or on your death.

The life cover you get with LifestyleCare Cover doesn’t end after a fixed period. Because of that, you could use it to cover inheritance tax, to pay for your funeral, or to leave some money behind for your family, either as a gift or to pay off any mortgage that’s left after you die.

As well as getting life cover that lasts as long as you live, you also get the option to receive some money earlier if you become unable to look after yourself. This means you can:

  • take some of the pressure off your family and friends
  • choose the support services that are right for you
  • protect your home, and any savings you’ve got
  • when you die, we’ll pay your family whatever you don’t use. This means your cover can be there for you while you’re alive, and there for your family after you die

There’s mounting evidence that conditions like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s and dementia are linked to obesity and heart disease. According to a recent study, 1 in 3 cases of Alzheimer’s are due to lifestyle-related factors.

Making healthy choices every day, like eating well and getting regular exercise, can reduce your risk of getting dementia by 30%. You can reduce your risk of getting heart disease and having a stroke by 35%. You can reduce your risk of getting type 2 diabetes by 50%.

That’s why, when you take out LifestyleCare Cover, we help you understand your health, give you discounts to encourage you to be healthy, and reward you for making healthy lifestyle choices.

Save More and Get Better Rewards with Vitality Optimiser

Our award-winning life insurance is more affordable and more rewarding with Vitality Optimiser. If you qualify and add Vitality Optimiser you will enjoy:

  • Up to 25% off your protection premium – save on our standard premium with an upfront discount ranging from 5% to 25%
  • An additional 1% premium discount each year – earn a further premium discount at your plan anniversary if you look after your health and get active. If you don’t get involved, your premium will increase by 2% each year.
  • Up to £100 cashback in your pocket – get from £50 to £100 cashback based on looking after your health and getting active. Just like the additional premium discounts you could earn each anniversary, the cashback you earn is linked to the Vitality points you earn by getting active

Plus, with Vitality Optimiser you get rewards that can help you to save with big UK brands. Savings range from 50% off monthly gym fees at Virgin Active (no joining fee until September) to weekly cinema tickets at Cineworld or Vue and 50% off a pair of running shoes online and in-store at Sweatshop.


The gym discount applies to flexible individual monthly memberships. Gym joining fees are up to £50 for all clubs other than Classic Collection clubs, where joining fees are up to £150. The gym offer does not apply to Chiswick Riverside Virgin Active club. The cinema offer applies at Vue and Cineworld with a maximum of one ticket per week per person covered on the plan. The cinema offer excludes 3D films.

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Serious Illness Cover

Award Winning Cover
VitalityLife Serious Illness Cover has been awarded a 5-Star Rating by Defaqto every year since it launched in 2007.