National Walking Month

May is National Walking Month in the UK. Every May Living Streets runs their campaign to encourage people to take to their feet and feel the benefits of walking.

Walking is one of the easiest and most accessible ways to get active but is often under-appreciated as a form of exercise.

Last year over 8,000 people took part in Living Streets’ Walk to Work Week. By making simple changes to their day such as walking all or part of their commute, planning a walking meeting or going for a lunchtime walk, they clocked up an impressive 78,679 miles. That’s the equivalent of walking around the world three times.

createawalkingnationWalking is the cheapest, simplest and one of the most effective forms of exercise. Walking for just 20 minutes a day can transform fitness levels, improve health and reduce stress and anxiety. Many of us are unaware how sedentary lifestyles are unwittingly risking our health.

A brisk 20 minute walk can burn up to 110 calories so if combined with a healthy eating plan it’s an excellent way to lose a few pounds. It’s an easy and accessible way to get active and help maintain a healthy heart.

For walking inspirations, check out the links below:

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Sources: Living Streets, BHF

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