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                           UK Fitness Week

At Health Rewards we find it important to work with charities and great causes. Last year we took part
in events such as National Fitness Day, Friendly Food Fortnight for Enable Scotland and ‘Gifts for Glasgow’ – a Christmas present appeal for Glasgow families struggling with the effects of poverty.

Fundraising through sporting activity is a great way to raise money for charity whilst encouraging people to become more active and healthy at the same time. That is why we are proud to be taking part in the UK Fitness Bloggers Virtual 5K. The race will raise funds for RODS Racing – Racing for Orphans with Down Syndrome. Our team are in training for the event and will go up against each other in the next few weeks in a hotly contested race! 

Who Are RODS Racing? 

RODS were founded in 2007 by athlete Brady Murray after being told that his new born son had down syndrome.

What seemed initially as an overwhelming challenge, changed quickly as Brady realised that having a child with Down syndrome could be an amazing blessing!’ 

RODS has since grown across the US, Canada and Europe with over 200 dedicated members. RODS Team athletes are inspired ‘not just to race, but to race for a purpose: for ‘the cause’ to help orphans with Down syndrome find an adoptive family.’

The RODS mission is to help promote a positive image of Down syndrome and create awareness for the adoption of orphans with the condition. They do this by raising grant funds, one child at a time, through athletics races and awareness events. This could be anything from a 5K walk to a triathlon or marathon.


 The Core Values of RODS 

  • Awareness of Down syndrome
  • Attaining One’s Greatest Potential
  • Collaborative Teamwork
  • Generous Giving to Others in Need
  • Strengthening Community Partnership

The RODS vision is to create the largest team of devoted endurance athletes competing for a greater cause than personal goals – to help find a home for orphans with down syndrome.

What is a Virtual 5K? 


 PT Mollie – ‘The Happiness Personal      Trainer’

Our way of helping the RODS Racing cause is taking part in UK Fitness Bloggers Virtual 5k. You may be wondering – what is a ‘virtual 5K?’ PT Mollie, co-organiser of the event, offers an explanation for the confused and curious:

A virtual race is one in which you run the designated distance whenever and wherever you want. You don’t need to go to a particular place on a specific date to earn your medal. There is however normally a date range with a specified distance and some virtual race organizers require proof of time for you to get your medal.

Fees can range anywhere from £5 to £50. This will cover the cost of the medal (which can be very expensive if a custom or intricate design), packaging, shipping, administrative fees (for the organizer’s time) and a charity donation. Anyone can organise their own virtual race as a fundraiser but now there are also companies that organise virtual races. Some races will even email you a ‘bib’ that you can print out and wear when you are out running.

Why a Virtual 5K? 

The benefit of the virtual 5K is that anyone can take part anywhere across the country at any time. You don’t have to go to a designated area at a specific time. This can be beneficial for fundraising for charity as you can end up with people taking part all over the country.

It is also a good event for people that lack confidence in their athletic ability or don’t have a schedule that allows them to plan ahead for training or races. Whatever the reason a person signs up, the important part is that they have fun being active, whilst fundraising for a great cause!

How you can help RODS Racing

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There are many ways you could get involved in helping RODS Racing. In fact they’ve produced a great list of ways you could get involved. CLICK HERE to find out more

To find out about a charity event that you could get involved in have a look at the links below:

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